WLP-2 with operating pressure monitor

For DanTaet district heating protection systems WLP-2 with two cut-off valves (models -V2) is now offered option P for monitoring operating pressure, and for cutting off the installation when operating and/or differential pressure drops below a comfortable limit.

The option includes pressure transmitters for Forward and Return pipes, to be installed on the utility side of the cut-off valves. The pressure transmitters are connected to the WLP-2 controller, which measures pressure in the supply lines, and further derives the differential pressure. WLP-2 is equipped with a monitor which decides on the basis of these pressure measurements whether the installation should be cut off. During cut-off, the cause is flagged in the controller status window. The monitor will automatically reopen the cut-off valves when acceptable pressure conditions have recovered for a preset amount of time.

Systemdiagram WLP-2-Fx-V2

This scheme minimizes media loss from the consumer's installation. For the consumer, this means less ingress of air, and hence considerably less restarting difficulties and annoyances in the shape of cold radiators and pipe noise following supply failure or -interruption.
Isolating consumer installations by operating glitches serves to reduce utilities' media loss by leakage and pipe maintenance, and hence to reduce ensuing direct and indirect costs.

The supplied pressure transducers connect to the supply pipes with ½"RG, and through a 4-20 interface to two of the analog inputs of the WLP-2 controller.

Option P may be retrofitted to existing WLP-2 systems with two cut-off valves (models -V2). A system program update may be required.
WLP-2 systems with option P can supply pressure readings through the CTS-protocol.