District heating leakage protection

System WLP-2

System WLP-2


Closed heating installations in institutions, factories and apartment buildings.

  • WLP-2 computer
  • Intake and outlet flow meters
  • Cutoff valve(s)

E: Technical energy calculation
F: Freeze protection during cutoff
P: Cut-off on operating pressure fault
V: Liquid sensor type LS-X for
    point protection (max 4/6/8)

Monitoring functions

Forward and Return flows are monitored continuously, compensating for volume and meter differences. If a preset flow difference limit is exceeded, leakage alarm is issued, and the installation is cut off.

Seepage: OptiTight®
The patented OptiTight® mechanism employs individual control of the cut-off valves to test the installation tightness one or more times daily, whereby even minute seepage may be detected.

Alarm functions

Cutoff valves are closed in the alarm state, which is indicated on the front panel, and a detailed error description is displayed.

Alarm Outputs:
WLP-2 features four uncommitted alarm relay switching outputs, three of which may be configured to selectively respond to any given error type.

Remote Signalling:
WLP-2 may be delivered with an analog or GSM/GPRS modem, whereby on alarm a callout can be made to modems or other technical equipment, or a text message can be sent.

All systems feature actuated forward and return cutoff valves, and perform a complete tightness check of components and installation (OptiTight®).
Systems may be delivered on request with a drain valve for particularly vulnerable buildings.

System error:
WLP-2 continually monitors for meter and supply errors, and regularly for valve errors.

WLP-2 continuously logs events, system changes, key values and consumption characteristics which may be read out in the display or via remote communication.

SCADA/BM systems:
WLP-2 features scalable outputs for flow meter impulse repetition and (Opt. E) 1kWh energy impulse output for SCADA/BM systems.

Further technical information

Elaborate WLP system description here.

Download WLP-2 datasheet in pdf-format

Download WLP system description in pdf-format