Supply Water Leakage Protection System

System WLP-1-xcb



Leakage protection of properties with widely varying usage.

  • WLP-1 flow computer
  • External Control Box
  • Intake flow meter(s) with pulse transmitter(s)
  • Cutoff valve(s)

N: Leakage monitoring in up to four
    individual channels
V: Water aggregation monitoring by liquid sensor LS-X
    (max 8 pcs)


The DanTaet WLP-1-BKxx-V1-XCB is designed for the protection of properties that at times are unoccupied for lengthy periods save for a token maintenance staff, while at other times are lived in by the owner, his family, entourage and full staff.

The system's basic layout comprises a monitoring channel with a fully static flow meter and associated cut-off valve, both of which connect to the WLP-1 flow computer. The flow computer monitors the signal from the flow meter against a set of parameters (alarm limits) in force depending on the property usage condition pre-set on the External Control Box.

As long as water consumption stays within the alarm limits in force, the flow of water is unimpeded. If water consumption exceeds an alarm limit in force, the flow computer will issue a flow alarm and command its valve to cut off the water supply in order to protect the property from what may be a leakage.

The nature of the alarm will be indicated on the flow computer display while present. After the alarm is reset, it may be inspected in the system Event log, and the flow history preceding the alarm may be inspected in the data log, which holds a record of consumption data for the most recent 14 days.

The flow computer regularly checks the integrity of the monitoring channel's components. Whenever the valve is closed, the flow computer verifies by the flow signal from the associated meter that the valve can indeed shut tight. Likewise, the flow meter must register a flow from time to time when the valve is open. Functional failure of these key components is signalled by the flow computer as a System Alarm.

The External Control Box has a rotary master switch for selecting the current property usage: 'Staff Only' or 'Owner in Residence'.

A pushbutton with integrated LED indicator selects/deselects 'Override' for a pre-set time duration, in which consumption may be unlimited (e.g. celebratory occasions involving a large number of guests).

A second pushbutton is provided for restarting the system after an alarm.

The External Control Box may optionally be supplied with a facility to permit extra high sensitivity at night in 'Staff Only' mode, where desired (and applicable).

Where unimpeded water flow is imperative while the owner is in residence, flow computer parameters may be set to effectively disable monitoring. In that case, use of the 'Override' button is relevant only to 'Staff Only' mode.

The External Control Box should be installed in a location convenient for its operation. The operator could be a trusted staff menber, and/or an on-site property administrator.

Download WLP-1-BKxx-V1-XCB flyer in pdf-format