Project making with DanTaet

Project Meeting

DanTaet a/s will partner projects aiming at providing the right soluton for a given task.


Projects comprise diverse phases:

Phase 1:
Following initial research, DanTaet a/s in close contact with customer/users formulates a project specification and proposes a project schedule, which are submitted to the customer for approval. At the same time, the business contracts for the project are drawn up and signed.

Phase 2:
Design, development and construction
DanTaet a/s R&D department makes its preferred implementation of the project specification, embodied in a complete, functional prototype.

Phase 3:
Testing and approval of prototype
Following release by R&D of the prototype, customer/user submits this to testing over an agreed period of time, after which formal approval, possibly subject to the implementation of agreed alterations, is given.

Phase 4:
DanTaet a/s perform agreed alterations and enhancements, and commences production of units as per the customer's requirements as contractually agreed for the project, freely using at its discretion its network of suppliers.