DanTaet a/s patents OptiTight® in the USA

The U.S. Patent Office has deemed OptiTight® patentable, and DanTaet a/s now (aug 2007) patents this invention in the USA.

OptiTight® is a mechanism applicable to double-ended DanTaet leakage protection systems for detection of small leaks. Forward flow is sampled for a duration while return flow is cut-off, and vice versa. Based on the recorded measurements, one of the following conclusions is reached:

  • The installationen is tight
  • The installationen is not tight
  • The installationen is too elastic for proper measurement (air)

The cut-off sequence, during which the measurements are taken, are normally referred to a time of day where any action required from the conclusion may be undertaken. If so desired, the measurements can be performed several times a day.

The DanTaet systems may suppress execution of OptiTight® if actual flow at the time is so high that an interruption will be perceptible. Further, the execution may be forced if it has been suppressed for a number of days.

DanTaet systems for commerce and industry may also suppress execution by calendar month, or by a control input, to which e.g. a thermal relay with outdoor temperature sensor may be attached. This is particularly relevant when roof-mounted heaters are present in the installation.