DanTaet leakage protection

Norm Setting System WLP-2-BCW

- Norm systems

  • Leakage monitoring for supply water, cooling water and district heating adapts to local conditions by automatic run-in
  • Installation is tightness checked for seepage
  • Supply cutoff on leakage alarm
  • Alarm relay and impulse outputs for BM and SCADA systems
  • Self-test of WLP-computer, meters, cutoff valves and other attached equipment
  • User-friendly menu system in English, German and Danish languages
  • External communication via modem or DanTaet Controller Network
  • Log functions continuously record events, parameter changes, supply key values and characteristics
  • Analog inputs for attachment of 4-20 mA current loop sensors such as e.g. liquid sensors, pressure or temperature transmitters etc.
  • Energy calculation in closed installations
  • And many other possibilities.....

The wide range of DanTaet products for commerce and industry comprises a comprehensive protection concept for monitoring against leakage as well as water ingress.

In addition to the full range of standard systems, DanTaet can optionally deliver special issues on demand, and may also undertake custom leakage protection tasks.

See product descriptions WLP-2 and WLP-2-BCW