DanTaet leakage protection type CSLP for construction sites

Water damage during construction with the ensuing delays and costs is a phenomenon familiar to contractors and insurance companies. DanTaet system CSLP is a tool designed to counter this.

System CSLP consists of a rugged, weatherproof enclosure containing a WLP-1 flow computer, a digital modem, an alarm light and operating keys, plus flow meter and motorized valve for installation in the site's supply pipe as close to the utility meter as possible.

System CSLP permanently monitors water consumption at the construction site. If consumption exceeds the limits set for the site, an alarm is issued; further if the site is unmanned, the installation is cut off.

Alarm is reported by a powerful flashing amber light and by sending a text message to select persons.

Alarms are acknowledged at the enclosure, where likewise the manned/unmanned site status is input via a key switch.

Meter and valve may be reused as part of the building's leakage protection system following completion of construction, whereby new specific meters and valves will be ordered for the site of the next construction project. System CSLP accepts components sizes from ¾" to DN100. Reconfiguration and adaptation to the site requirements are done on request by DanTaet via remote control, free of charge within office hours.