Supply Water Leakage Protection for Apartments

DanTaet introduces the systems BL/BLG/BLGX for the supply water leakage protection of individual apartments.

System BL covers the typical application for protection of cold and warm supply water at the branch leading into the apartment. The system monitors discharge (CW+WW) and seepage from the CW and WW lines respectively, issuing an alarm and cutting off the supply in the event of a leakage. The system may be expanded by up to two LS-X liquid sensors, thereby offering point protection of sensitive spots.

With a view to its use in care for the elderly and disabled, system BL can further issue an Inspection Alarm following the absence of water consumption for a preset time.

With respect to system BL, systems BLG and BLGX are expanded with an extra channel for monitoring of rain water or grey water installations, which are expected to proliferate in future construction as scarcity of drinking water becomes a serious issue.
System BLGX is employed where the operating pressure of the rain/grey water supply is low, and distinguished itself from system BLG solely by the dimensions of the grey water meter.

All systems regularly perform an automatic self-test of the attached components.