Supply Water Leakage Protection System

System WLP-1-xcb



Leakage protection of properties with widely varying usage.

  • WLP-1 flow computer
  • External Control Box
  • Intake flow meter(s) with pulse transmitter(s)
  • Cutoff valve(s)

N: Leakage monitoring in up to four
    individual channels
V: Water aggregation monitoring by liquid sensor LS-X
    (max 8 pcs)


The DanTaet WLP-1 is designed to monitor water usage in large properties.
The unit can monitor up to four circuits simultaneously.

The system has various programmable levels of protection so as to operate in the background without causing inconvenience by false alarms whilst providing the optimum protection under various water usage scenarios such as when the owner is in occupation, skeleton staff only in occupancy, or security only.

The unit may also be programmed to give various levels of protection at different times of the day:

- in daylight hours 'Optimum Protect'
- at nighttime 'High Protection'.

Each monitor comprises an electronic flow meter and automated cut-off valve, these being connected to the WLP-1 Controller.

The controller continually monitors the signal from the flow meter and compares this with the limits pre-programmed into the unit, in the event of the flow deviating from the programmed limit an alarm will be raised and the automatic valve closed.

The display on the WLP-1 controller indicates the reason for the alarm.

The controller also has an event log that shows the history of the monitor over a period of time (alarms, warnings, and valve tests) this can be interrogated at any time.

The controller regularly checks both the meter(s) and valve(s) and will raise an alarm should there be a fault.

A limited function remote control box simplifies operation for the staff as they are not required to use the WLP-1 keyboard input. This remote controller may be used to change the level of protection, Reset the unit or temporarily Override the WLP-1 controller for high water functions such as pool filling. The unit will automatically revert to the last set monitoring mode after a pre-programmed time.

The remote control box may be installed in a location convenient for its operation - not necessarily the Plant Room.

Remote monitoring and programming of the WLP-1 is available but requires either Internet access or a dedicated Telephone line on site.

A GSM text feature is available that can call up to four mobile numbers in the event of an alarm.

Download WLP-1-BKxx-V1-XCB flyer in pdf-format