Multichannel Supply Water Protection System

One DanTaet system WLP-1 can now independently protect up to four separate branches of the supply water installation. This allows separate protection of e.g. cold and warm water, humidifiers and sprinklers wherever the pipe installation permits. The supply water installation may also employ sectioning into smaller entities, which are then individually protected. The ensuing advantages are:

  • Monitoring parameters may be optimised for each section
  • Inconveniences caused by cut-off on alarm are isolated to one section

With respect to run-in, monitoring, protection and alarm response the four sections are provided with identical and independent facilities, ensuring maximum flexibility in the application without further complicating the system's set-up and use. Cleartext identifications of the protected branches may be entered into the WLP-1 via the menu system, for employment in display, system logs, SMS-messaging and remote communications.

The system identification for WLP-1 contains for each employed channel the nominal meter capacity Qn and the presence or absence of a cut-off valve. Finally, the system identification may be postfixed a specification of the number of liquid sensors (up to 8) that go with the system.

A system identification such as e.g.:

   WLP-1-B2.5-V1 / B6-V0 / B3.5-V1 / B2.5-V0 / LS3

thus denotes a system with four protected branches and three liquid sensor protected points

Branch Meter Size Cut-off Valve
1 Qn2½ Yes
2 Qn6 No
3 Qn3½ Yes
4 Qn2½ No

while an identification like:

   WLP-1-B40-V0 / B10-V1 / LS5

denotes a system with two protected branches and five liquid sensor protected points

Branch Meter Size Cut-off Valve
1 Qn40 No
2 Qn10 Yes

Multichannel WLP-1 supply water protection systems include a Flow Meter Interface for each branch. This is used when the meter is separated further from the WLP-1 flow computer than its own cable allows. The interface is installed by the meter within reach of the meter's cable, whereafter a three-wire extension cable is pulled from the Flow Meter Interface to the WLP-1. For extensions beyond 300 ft and in electrically noisy environments the use of screened cable is recommended; the screen is connected to WLP-1 chassis (via bracket in the DIN plug).