Cooling System Leakage Protection KMP-K

system KMP-K Application:

Commercial and Industrial Cooling Circuits

KMP-K6A and KMP-K8A:
   pure water media, T > 0°C

   mixed media, T > 0°C

   mixed media, T > -40°C

Components (KMP-K6A):
  • Kamstrup MULTICAL®602/801 cooling meter
  • Extra Kamstrup ULTRAFLOW®34 flow meter
    (ULTRAFLOW®54 for DN >100)
  • KMP-K control unit
  • Cut-off valves
  • Check valve for Return pipe
  • Plug-in module with data (KMP) interface
Ill.: system KMP-K6A2,5

Monitoring Functions


Leakage alarm is reported if the flow difference exceeds the selected threshold for two consecutive measuring periods each a maximum of 210 seconds duration.

The patented ALOHA® mechanism permits the passage of air pockets through the flow meters without causing false alarms and without reducing system sensitivity. System KMP-K thus offers optimum reliability.

Seepage: (OptiTight®)
The patented OptiTight® mechanism if desired performs one or more times daily a check of the installation tightness, whereby seepages on the order of the flow meter cut-off are detected.

System Fault:
When a valve is closed, during OptiTight® or by an alarm, KMP-F checks its tightness. If it fails, a System Fault Alarm is reported.
System Fault Alarm is also reported for voltage supply failures, and functional failures reported by the Kamstrup MULTICAL®.
System faults do not close the cut-off valves.


Alarm Functions

KMP-K will cut off the installation on detected leakage, issue an alarm audibly and visibly, and drop the alarm relay.
Valve errors are reported visibly and logged.
Other system faults are reported via the alarm relay, plus audibly and visibly if possible.


Media Types:
KMP-K6A/K8A: Pure Water, T>0°C
KMP-K8I: Mixed Media, T>0°C
KMP-K6M: Mixed Media, T> -40°C

Energy Calculation:
KMP-K6A/K8A: Yes
KMP-K8I: For pure water only
KMP-K6M: Yes, for a given mixture

Controls and Indicators:
Status-, Data- and Alarm indicators, buzzer.
Key for Alarm Mute and Acknowledge. Two digital control inputs.

Leakage Monitor:
Meas. period 210 sec.; truncated when threshold exceeded; alarm on repeated excesses.
Threshold adjustable 0.5-1-2-5%qp + 1-2-5-10%qact.

Execution: 0-4x/day, or by external control signal.
Start at 02:00 + 24 / 2*12 / 3*8 or 4*6 hours.
Threshold 20-40-60-80%qp, duration 5-10-20-40m.

Mains Connection:
230V 50Hz L/N/PE through key switch.
Power Consumption max 20W.


Liquid Sensor Attachment: (Opt. V)
for two Liquid Sensors type LS-X for protection of particular areas with optional installation cut-off.

Text Alarm:
Attaches to KMP-F alarm output, texting one or more mobile phones on alarm.

Drain Valve:
Used in critical applications to drain the installation on leakage alarm.

Operating Pressure Monitor: (Opt. P)
Cuts off installation on failing media pressure. Reduces media loss and simplifies restart.


Guidelines for KMP-K plumbing

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