What is Leakage Protection

Leakage Protection is a device which continuously monitors media flow in an installation, and which intervenes by cut-off, alarm and possible remote messaging by abnormal media flows which may be indicative of seepage, leakage or pipe rupture.

What is Leakage

Leakage is undesired escape of media from a pipe installation. Leakage may occur in places where the escape only causes waste of media - e.g. in shanks, toilets or wet rooms - but also less fortunately in places where the escape may cause damage to buildings, installations and furnishing. Leakage may develop abruptly (by accidents or as a result of flawed installations) or gradually (by corrosion or poor maintenance state). In particular, leakage may cause substantial amounts of damage when it occurs in inaccessible or unfrequented locations, where it will be eventually detected only by the damage it has inflicted.

Abrupt leakages tend to be of a magnitude allowing fairly swift detection. In the absence of Leakage Protection, such detection requires human presence. The consequences of a heater bursting while the family is vacating abroad defy description, and must be experienced.

Gradually developing leaks tend to be recognized at a late stage, often through observation of a damage effect rather than of the leakage itself. This is especially true of installations featuring concealed pipes.

Why Leakage Protection

Leakage Protection of supply water and district heating installations protect property, installations and furnishings from flooding and water damage, and further lessens water and energy wastage resulting from leakage.

Leakage protection of industrial pipe installations carrying other media always serve to limit the escape and its consequential damage.

When Leakage Protection

Leakage protection of water- cooling- and heating installations is feasible when the possible escape volume is considerable with respect to the volume which may be safely absorbed by the building, or with respect to the volume which may cause destructive loss to installations and furnishings. Therefore, leakage protection is rarely useful in small localized boiler heating applications, but almost always useful in connection with direct district heating installations, supply-  and cooling water installations.

Leakage protection of industrial installations often constitute a decisive safety factor and a prerequisite for obtaining required operating licences and approvals.

Leakage protection is not applicable when an unconditional cut-off of the media flow by presumed leakage is unacceptable, and where the decision to cut off the media flow is in the hands of a responsible person. In such cases, a leakage monitoring system which issues an alarm locally and possibly a remote message for a duty officer is appropriate.

Damage and Risk

The use of leakage protection systems in water- cooling- and heating installations limits the magnitude of water damage caused by leakage, and hence the general risk of severe water damage. Most (Danish) insurance companies recognize this causality; hence leakage protection is beneficial for their risk assessment. Because of this, the leading insurance companies offer a premium discount when a leakage protection system is installed.

DanTaet leakage protection systems

Reliability is of the utmost importance in leakage protection systems, for the functionality as well as for the user's comfort. To achieve optimum reliability, DanTaet leakage protection systems employ impulse generating meters to register media flow, and electrically actuated valves to cut off the media flow on alarm. Besides media cut-off on leakage, the DanTaet systems issue visible and audible alarm signals at the controller, and via a floating alarm relay output herein. All contemporary DanTaet leakage protection systems may be equipped with one or more liquid sensors for additional response in the event of aggregate water at the measuring point.


DanTaet domestic leakage protection systems feature a compact design with a view to the often limited space available for fitting into domestic installations. A particularly compact unit (Combi) combines the electronics for supply water and district heating protection in one controller.

Domestic/supply water

DanTaet system BB for domestic supply water protection employs a turbin flow meter with low starting torque, whereby the system can detect seepage in e.g. toilets and faucets. Wastage from leaking taps does tell on the water bill at today's rates.

Domestic/district heating

DanTaet domestic district heating protection consists of six variants: two meter types, one of which in two system sizes combined with the OptiTight options which performs tightness testing of installation and valves by asymmetric cut-off. The two system sizes are used for protection of private homes with hot water storage tank or inline water heater.


The combination systems feature in one controller the supply water protection and one of the siz variants of the district heating protection.


Leakage protection in farming is less about the risk of damage to furnishings and installations, and more about safeguarding animal health and welfare by reducing the risk and duration of spraying from defective drinking fixtures, and guarding against excessive production of waste water, with the ensuing problems of soaked animals catching infections, and problems of eventual waste disposal.

DanTaet leakage protection systems for farming are characterized by a high degree of flexibility with regard to settings and functionality via a menu system in the controller, the use of sturdy flow meters with electronic impulse generators, a higher IP rating for the controller and two distinct grades of cut-off valve combined with four system sizes.

Farming/supply water/SB

System Stable (SB) employs several sets of monitoring parameters giving different sensitivities, and may thus monitor while wet feed is prepared. After prior setting of timers and configuration of control inputs, the system can perform an automatic run-in and subsequent transition into monitoring with parameters optimized for the actual consumption pattern of the stable. DanTaet assists by the commisioning and initial run-in of these systems.


Commerce places the highest demands on flexibility, reliability, traceability and systems integration. DanTaet leakage rprotection systems for Commerce are characterized by a large selection of flow meters and valves, and plenty of options for interconnection, expansion, configuration and settings. The systems feature a full plaintext menu system with access control and user hierarchy in three languages. DanTaet assists by the commissioning and initial run-in of systems for Commerce.

Commerce/supply water

System WLP-1 will individually protect up to four separate branches. Standard systems from Qn2 to Qn90 (3/4"-DN100). Attachment of up to eight liquid sensors LS-X. Special issues on request. Run-in function to assist the setting of alarm limits.
System KMP-V protects a single supply water line, Qn1,6 to Qn40 (½"-DN80)

Commerce/district heating

System KMP-F protects heating installations using a Kamstrup energy meter.
Standard sizes Qp0.6 to Qp150 (½"-DN150). Options for liquid sensor, outdoor temperature sensor and text alarm.
System WLP-2 protects a closed-loop heating installation. Standard systems from Qn2-Qn60 (3/4"-DN100). Attachment of up to eight liquid sensors LS-X. Option for energy calculation. Special issues on request. May be used with common heat meters.

Commerce/cooling water

System KMP-K protects a closed-loop cooling installation. Versions for pure water and mixed media. Systems range from Qn1,5-Qn1000 (½"-DN300). Option for attachment of one or two liquid sensors LS-X. Special issues on request.

Commerce/liquid sensor

System L-PS-X monitors selected locations for aggregate water. L-PS-X serves up to eight liquid sensors LS-X and features a floating, fail-safe alarm relay output and a 'man-on-the-spot' auxiliary alarm output. Option for 24Vac valve control via drive box BB0.
System SLSI is a single-channel, stand-alone system with a wide application range, e.g. as a cloudburst alarm. SLSI features two alarm relays, one of which may optionally drive and exercise a 230Vac magnetic valve.


Industry places the highest demands on safety. DanTaet industrial leakage protection systems are characterized by an exact adaptation to actual operating conditions, requirements and wishes, and are always planned and designed in close collaboration with customers and end users.

Industry/machine cooling water

System ICW-3 protects a water cooled industrial machine from hose bursts and coupling failures, permitting unmanned operation without the risk of flooding the shop floor.

Industry/process water

System Safety protects the temperature regulation circuit of a diecast machine from hose bursts and coupling failure. Ultrafast response, high sensitivity and forced pressure equalization on alarm minimizes escape at the failure point, and guards machine operators from scalding.


DanTaet systems are available with intrinsically safe meters/impulse generators for use in EEx-zone. Protection systems for open and closed installations as well as hybrids are offered.

Industry/liquid sensor

System L-PS-X monitors selected locations for aggregate water. L-PS-X serves up to eight liquid sensors LS-X and features a floating, fail-safe alarm relay output and a 'man-on-the-spot' auxiliary alarm output. Option for valve control.