26 years of experience protecting H.C. Andersen's House from leakage

- paved the way for leakage protection of a brand new museum building in Odense

By journalist Beth Werner

I bet one of the Danes most famous at home and abroad would have authored a small adventure about the two plastic boxes packed with electronics that are sitting on the wall in a small, narrow and shallow cellar under his house - the H.C. Andersen house in the heart of Odense.

The leakage protection systems from DanTaet formed the beginning of another kind of adventure, that like those by H.C. Andersen reached far outside the borders of Denmark.

Back to the cellar. Mr Stig Nørgaard Olsen, Thechnical Supervisor of the City of Odense Museums is impressed with the durability and reliability of the two systems for District Heating and Supply Water respectively.
- Knowing that a leak in the water or heating system will never result in catastrophic damage to irreplacable cultural artifacts, but at the most cause an inch of water in the cellar is a great comfort, says Stig Nørgaard Olsen, who has worked for the City for 20 years.

The merchant house Møntergården
A few steps from H.C. Andersen's House, with its entrance facing Møntestræde, the oldest street in Odense being from the 17th Century, you find the brand new and recently opened exhibition facility of Møntergården, the Museum of Cultural History.

Stig Nørgaard Olsen opens te door to the building's plant room. A big room with plenty of height, where you need not bend your knees and arch your back to get around.

H.C.Andersen's House, Odense
Once upon a time, 26 years ago, the world famous house in Odense was completely unprotected from damage from leaking water and heating installations.
He points to the two systems that protect from leakage of the District Heating and Supply Water installations, saying:

- Leakage protection of the 2400 square metre building was designed-in very early in its gestation, because it was unthinkable to leave the priceless exhibits unprotected in a brand new building.

Automatic Run-In
Besides hosting exhibitions, Møntergården also contains preservation departments, one of which is Skomagerhuset, in which the Technical department resides on the second floor.
Stig Nørgaard Olsen leads the way, up and down stairs, through mazes of rooms in the old house, to finally appear in front of the most recently installed leakage protection system in the plant room.
...it was unthinkable to leave the priceless exhibits unprotected in a brand new building.

Stig Nørgaard Olsen adds that the highly positive experience the City's Museums have had with DanTaet leakage protection systems over the past 26 years have contributed to this attitude. - It is so new it is still doing run-in. This is an important procedure, for if the system is not set correctly, false alarms may result, explains Stig Nørgaard Olsen.

November 2013


Incidentally, the system in Skomagerhuset, like several other of the Museum's systems is wired to an automatic burglar alarm.

From Skomagerhuset we proceed to the next museum building, Nyborgladen, the back premises to an 18th Century merchant house from Nyborg which was moved to Odense in the 1950s, and in which Morten Koch moved daily while a merchant's apprentice in Nyborg. i Nyborg.

Nyborgladen had District Heating leakage protection installed in 2004, and has subsequently been equipped with a cloudburst alarm. The latter consists of a control box and a liquid sensor, which has been placed on the floor of the building to react to minute amounts of water.

- Fortunately, we have been spared sofar, but if a cloudburst happens one day, it iscomforting to know we shall be warned long before there is a foot of water in the building, explains Stig Nørgaard Olsen.

Maximum durability and service
DanTaet provides the Museum with two years of free service and five years of warranty.

Stig Nørgaard Olsen does not expect to need either, he remarks with a wink, as he goes on to say:
- Our many years of experience with the DanTaet systems indicate that they last long and operate as advertised, year by year.

Stig Nørgaard Olsen
All new construction should have leakage protection as a matter of course, it is as essential as are the pipes themselves.
- emphasizes Stig Nørgaard Olsen, Technical Supervisor of the City of Odense Museums.


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