Construction Site Leakage Protection

System CSLP

System CSLP Ill.: System CSLP Enclosure
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Simple Operation
  • Alarm during Working Hours
  • Cut-Off outside Working Hours
  • Text Message on Alarm
  • DanTaet Remote Support
Open CSLP Enclosure
Keeping Water Consumption In Check

DanTaet Leakage Protection System CSLP monitors water consumption of a construction site round-the-clock, minimizing risk of costs and delays imposed by water damage, as well as unnecessary water wastage.

System CSLP is installed at the construction site when first opened. The system's meter and valve (which are chosen to suit each individual project) are installed in a well or above ground in frost-free environs, and connected to the enclosure which is situated nearby where mobile coverage exists, and from where the system's flashing alarm lamp will be visible. Following the application of power and a call to DanTaet, the system will be ready for operation.

System CSLP monitors and responds depending on whether or not the site is populated. During working hours, a larger consumption is allowed, and the system will only issue alarms without cut-off in case of excessive consumption. Outside of working hours, only a modest consumption is allowed, and the installation is cut-off in case of excessive consumption. Text messaging may be regulated by a timer to suit requirements.

The system is extremely flexible, and may be adapted to suit most requirements. No special skills are required by the operator, as the system comes with DanTaet remote Support, so that all settings, adaptations and adjustments are performed as per customer's requirement by DanTaet via the mobile network.

If so desired, meter and valve may be employed in the building's own leakage protection system after construction is completed.

An insurance premium rebate may be obtainable when protecting the construction site from leakage; please refer to the relevant insurance company.