Supply Water Leakage Protection

System BT/BTS

system BT


Detached houses or buildings with remote billing meter
  • Boundary and House cold water meters
  • Boundary and House cut-off valves (opt.)
  • Interface/Cable Driver for boundary meter
  • Optional post-buffer protection (BTS)
  • Control unit
Note: values of flow and volume in this document refer
solely to those recorded by the system's water meter(s)
and amended by system internal calculations.
Ill.: System BT55-V0


System BT provides supply water leakage protection in detached houses or buildings with a remotely located billing meter and an underground transmission line to the building. Meters and valves are installed in a dry well just inboard of the billing meter, as well as at the entry point of the water pipe into the building, and optionally at the output port of the buffer tank, if applicable (system BTS).

Monitoring Functions

System BT derives transmission line leakage from the flow difference of boundary and house meters, while monitoring building water consumption by the house meter flow and optionally the buffer tank meter flow (BTS). System BT permits the continuous discharge of a preset amount of supply water. If this amount is consumed in a single discharge, a Max Alarm is issued, and the water supply is cut off. A sudden leak from the transmission line will contribute to the apparent overall consumption, so even if the pipe fails completely, the water egress will be limited to the set discharge limit.

System BT checks that the water flow in all meters can drop and remain below a preset level for a preset time duration, and will issue a seepage alarm and cut off the water supply if this fails to occur daily. In particular, during a fully automatic, nocturnal tightness test even minor seepage may be detected from the transmission line.

System Error:
System BT checks that attached flow meters issue impulses regularly, unless the Holiday function is active.
Whenever a valve is closed - manually, by Tightness Test or by alarm - System BT checks its tightness. If a component fails, a System Error is issued.
A Tightness Test is performed daily. The cut-off valves are closed in a particular sequence whereby the tightness of each individual valve as well as the transmission line may be established. The Tightness Test involves cut-off of the water supply; therefore, it is performed late at night where hopefully it will be unobtrusive.

Supply Error:
System BT monitors the mains supply and all internal supplies. If either of these fail, a Supply Error is issued. This does not cause cut-off of the water installation.

Alarm Functions

On leakage and meter errors, system BT will cut off the water supply, issue visual and audible alarms and activate the alarm relay if so configured.
Supply and valve errors are reported via the alarm relay and possibly also visually and audibly.

Two signal relays can be individually configured to convey any combination of the Leakage Alarm, System Alarm, Liquid Sensor Wet, and Free Discharge state signals.


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