Supply Water Leakage Protection

System BT/BTS




Controls and indicators:
Mains, Flow, Valve and State indicators, buzzer.
Buttons for manual valve control, temporary free discharge selector, holiday function and alarm acknowledge.
Two digital inputs having selectable Reset/FreeDischg and Holiday/Cut-off functions respectively.

Leakage monitor:
Permissible single supply water discharge selectable 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 liters.
Flow minimum to terminate discharge 0.6%Qn. Other values available upon request.
In Holiday mode, permissible single discharge is 20 liters, irrespective of setting.

Seepage monitor:
Seepage tolerance ½, 1 or 2 liters in 30 or 60 minutes. Observation interval 24 hours.

Registration of consumption
System BT(S) features impulse outputs, registering boundary/house/tank water consumption as derived from the meter signals.

Mains connection
230/240V 50Hz L/N/PE via external key switch. Power consumption max 20VA.


Valve options
-V0 (BREEAM compliance only)
-V1b One valve, at boundary
-V1h One valve, in house
-V2 Valves at boundary and in house

System BTS
System BTS adds a flow meter and valve to the output port of the buffer tank, where it provides instant cut-off in the event of a leak.

The BT/BTS systems can be delivered ranging from ½" (Qn1.5) to DN100 (Qn90).


Liquid Sensor Attachment:
System BT accomodates via interface ILS-C up to two liquid sensors type LS-X, whereby the system offers point protection of a particularly sensitive area so that the water supply may be cut off on Liquid Sensor alarm if desired.

By attachment of an external SMS-via-GSM module to an alarm relay output, system BT can directly ship a text message to a selected number (SIM card required).


Installation diagram system BT-n-V2
system diagram BT
  1. Boundary cut-off valve  
  2. Boundary meter
  3. Cable driver
  1. Control Unit
  2. House meter
  3. House cut-off valve
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