Supply Water Leakage Protection System BI

System BI Application:
Domestic installations

  • Flow meter with medium-speed pulser
  • BI flow computer
  • Cutoff valve
Note: values of flow and volume in this document refer solely to those recorded by the system's water meter.
Ill.: system BI-20

Monitoring Functions

Issued when the volume of a single, continuous discharge exceeds a preset limit.
A discharge is considered continuous as long as its indicated flow exceeds the preset cut-off value.

Seepage Alarm:
Issued when the flow of the installation fails for an entire test interval (normally 24 hrs) to drop below a preset limit.

System Error:
Whenever the valve is closed - manually or by tightness test or alarm -  the system checks the valve closes tightly; if not, a system error alarm (valve) is issued.
If an internal voltage supply fails, a system error alarm is issued. Excessive periods of inactivity outside of holidays cause system error alarm (meter). System error alarms do not cause installation cut-off.

Operating Modes:
Normal Mode: Discharges and seepage are monitored according to the preset parameters.
Holiday Mode: Only modest discharges permitted, typically 20 liters. Meter monitoring is disabled.
Free Discharge: The normal discharge limit may be exceeded without causing an alarm; the system automatically reverts to normal mode upon expiry of a preset time.

Alarm Functions

On leakage errors, system BI cuts off the installation, issues alarm visibly and audibly at the front panel, and deactivates the alarm relay.
System errors are reported via an alarm relay, and visibly and audibly if possible.
Valve errors are reported visibly.


Status, Data and Alarm Indicators, Buzzer.
Keys for alarm mute and acknowledge, manual valve control, Free Discharge and Holiday select.
Two digital control inputs, three digital outputs, and two fail-safe floating SPDT alarm/signal relays.

Permissible discharge adjustable 10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 liters.
Cutoff adjustable 10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 l/h.

Seepage Alarm:
Idle Period adjustable 10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 sec.
Tolerance adjustable 1-2-5-10-20-50-100-200 impulses

Valve tightness check/exercise:
Execution: 1x/day.

Mains Connection:
230V 50Hz L/N/PE via key switch.
Power consumption max 20VA.


Liquid Sensor attachment:
System BI may via interface ILS-C accept up to two liquid sensors type LS-X, providing select protection of sensitive areas with optional cut-off.

By attachment of external SMS-alarm to the alarm output, system BI may text any mobile phone on alarm.


Download System BI data sheet in pdf format

Download System BI Leaflet in pdf format