Supply water leakage protection

Domestic systems BB1, BB2, and BB3

System BB1
Ill.: BB1-3.5-V1-25


Homes with normal water consumption pattern.

  • Intake flow meter (1-3 off)
  • Cutoff valve (0-3 off)
  • Control unit

Note: values of flow and volume in this document refer solely to those recorded by the system's water meter(s).


Monitoring Functions

Systems BB1, BB2, and BB3 permit the continuous discharge of a preset amount of water in one, two or three individual measurement channels. If this amount is exceeded in a single discharge, a Max Alarm is issued for the relevant channel, and the water supply is optionally cut off.

Systems BB1, BB2, and BB3 check that water flow in the installation can drop and remain below a preset level for a preset time duration, and will issue a seepage alarm for the relevant channel and optionally cut off the water supply if this fails to occur daily.

System Error:
Systems BB1, BB2, and BB3 check that attached flow meters issue impulses regularly, unless the Holiday function is active.
Whenever a valve is closed, the system checks its tightness.
If a component fails, a System Error is issued, and the water supply is optionally cut off for the channel in question.

Supply Error:
Systems BB1, BB2, and BB3 monitor the mains supply and all internal supplies. If either of these fail, a Supply Error is issued. This may not cause a cutoff of the water supply.

Alarm Functions

On leakage and system errors, Systems BB1, BB2, and BB3 will cut off the water supply, issue visual and audible alarms, and activate the alarm relay.
Supply errors are reported via the alarm relay, and possibly also visibly and audibly.

External Control Inputs

The BB1, BB2, and BB3 systems feature two external control inputs, one of which forces the system into 'Free Discharge' mode, or alternatively provides a full system inhibit, while the other either puts the system into Holiday mode or closes a cut-off valve. The former may be used to allow a gardener or an irrigation system to use a large amount of water, while the latter may be used to let an alarm system switch to high sensitivity mode, or cut off water supply entirely when the house is left empty.



Controls and Indicators:
Mains, Flow, Valve and State indicators, buzzer.
Buttons for manual valve control, temporary free discharge select, holiday function select and alarm acknowledge.

Leakage Monitor (per channel):
Alarm limit jumper selectable 250, 500, 1000, or 2000 litres. Other values available upon request.
Discharge flow limit is typically pre-set at 0.6% Qn.
In holiday mode, alarm limit is typically pre-set at 20 litres irrespective of jumper setting.
Free discharge maximum duration selectable one to eight hours.

Seepage Monitor (per channel):
Seepage tolerance 2, 4, or 8 litres registered in 30 or 60 minutes. Observation interval 24 hours.

Mains Connection
230/240V 50Hz L/N/PE via external key switch. Consumption max 20VA.


Download System BB1/BB2/bb3 data sheet in pdf-format