Supply Water Leakage Protection

System BA

system BA Ill.: System BA-15/15/3.5-V3


Flats in apartment buildings
Group of flats around a riser duct
  • Cold and warm supply water feed meters
  • Cut-off valves cold and warm water feeds
  • Warm water circulation return meter
  • Warm water circulation return valve
  • Control unit
Note: values of flow and volume in this document refer
solely to those recorded by the system's water meter(s)
and amended by system internal calculations.


System BA is used for flats in buildings with centralised warm water generation when the warm water circulation pipe is routed inside the flat, or for securing a group of flats sharing a riser duct with cold water plus warm water flow and return (circulation) pipes. System BA monitors the flows in the Warm Water Feed (WF), the Warm Water Circulation (or return) (WC) and the Cold Water (CW) pipes, calculating total supply water consumption as CW + WF - WC from the corresponding water meter inputs.

Variants and Capacity

Systen BA comes in two distinct variants. Systems with designation suffix -V3 incorporate three motorized valves for supply cut-off in the event of an alarm. Systems with designation suffix -V0 have no cut-off valves, and only report an alarm visually, audibly and via an alarm relay.

All systems handle meter sizes from ½" to 2" (DN 15/Qn1.5 to DN50/Qn15). Combining different meter sizes is allowed, i.e. the WC meter may be smaller than the WF meter.

Monitoring Functions

System BA permits the continuous discharge of a preset amount of supply water. If this amount is consumed in a single discharge, a Max Alarm is issued, and the water supply can be cut off (-V3 systems).
System BA checks that the water flow in both the cold and warm water installations can drop and remain below a preset level for a preset time duration, and will issue a seepage alarm and cut off the water supply if this fails to occur daily.

System Error:
System BA checks that attached flow meters issue impulses regularly, unless the Holiday function is active (relevant on single flats only).
Whenever a valve is closed - manually, by Tightness Test or by alarm - System BA checks its tightness. If a component fails, a System Error is issued, and the water supply is cut off.
A Tightness Test is performed daily. The cut-off valves are closed in a particular sequence whereby the tightness of each individual valve may be established while risk af scalding is eliminated. The Tightness Test is interrupted to be resumed later when water is demanded. During a brief interval while all valves are closed, it is impossible to detect water demand, and the flat(s) will be completely cut off. Therefore, the Tightness Test is performed late at night where hopefully it will be unobtrusive.

Supply Error:
System BA monitors the mains supply and all internal supplies. If either of these fail, a Supply Error is issued. This does not cause cut-off of the water installation.


Download System BA data sheet in pdf-format